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  • Are your beans fresh or how often do you roast your beans?
    We roast our coffees at least twice a week with the majority of the coffee roasted on Sundays.
  • Why do your bags have a valve?
    Coffee off gasses primarily CO2 during and for a period right after roasting. The valve allows gas to escape, pushing oxygen out and creating a stable preservation environment.
  • Is your coffee organic?
    Some of our single origins are organic and some are not. Those that are certified organic are labelled as such. Many of our coffees are grown organically simply because chemical fertilizers and pesticides are expensive but then so are organic certifications. We source coffees that are ethically grown and processed and traceability is a priority.
  • What is the best way to drink coffee?
    The best way to drink coffee is how you like it best. That said, around the roastery we tend to drink our coffee black because we find that is the way to experience the greatest nuances of the coffees we drink.
  • What is the difference between a light roast and a dark roast?
    During the roasting process there begins a process called maillard where reducing sugars combine with amino acids to create the color and flavors that we all recognize as roasted coffee. Also during that process melanoidins form, sugars carmelize and many volatile aromatics are created. During the earlier parts this process more of the original flavor traits of the bean are detectable and less of the roasting process itself. If one extends this process for a longer time period and/or to a higher temperature more of the roasting chemistry takes over the detectable flavors.
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