It’s all about Good Extraction…


Extraction is the process of getting the amazing flavors of a good coffee into your cup.  Fresh roasted beans should be ground just prior to brewing if possible.  Be sure to grind for your preferred extraction method; too coarse and your coffee could be sharp or sour, too fine and your coffee will be bitter.  Minerals in water assist with coffee extraction so distilled or softened water are not the way to go.  Water temperature for brewing is important as well with the recommended temp between 196 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit.  With these things in mind remember that you are brewing for the flavors that you want so experiment and enjoy the process.


This is a list of our favorite brew methods:



Tried and true hand drip workhorse.  Great for experimenting with grind size and extraction times.


An amazing tool for coffee extraction.  The number of recipes for the Aeropress is nearly infinite.  Search for the top 50 and go to town.


Single Pour-Over

This is our favorite around the roastery.  We especially like a couple of the styles of Kalita brand.

French Press

Be sure to have your grind a little coarser for your French press.  Pressing down the plunger stops extraction so experiment with your timing to see how it affects the flavor of your coffee.


Espresso Machine

We love espresso and it is for certain it is own journey.  If you plan to have one for your home we recommend a non-automated style with a pre-infusion option.  Trust me, it can become an obsession.

Automatic Drip

A box store drip coffee maker is not going to do your coffee justice.  However, there are companies innovating within the drip coffee maker world.  The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is certifying specific coffee makers that actually make some pretty amazing coffee.  We have a rack of OXO brand SCA certified machines that we use for making coffee for tastings.